5 Foods Great For Skin

Diet plays a very important part in how your skin looks and feels. Having good skin takes a lot more work than simply skipping on greasy junk food every once in a while. There are hundreds of hidden treasures in your favourite foods that help look after your skin and combat the problems lying under the surface. Here are five foods that are great for your skin.


If you don’t like the taste of green tea and spend half your afternoon chewing on gum to get rid of that lingering coffee aftertaste then peppermint tea could be just the ticket for you. It has properties that supposedly make you feel calmer (meaning your skin will feel relaxed) and is good for helping to keep your sinuses clear. A cup a day might just keep the dermatologist away.


Vitamin E. It’s a fantastic little thing that is known for being able to break down fat quicker. What does that mean for you? Clear blood vessels that can pump the good stuff to your skin. One food that has a good chunk of it is beetroot. A few slices in a salad, chunks in a stew or glass of juice will drastically boost how well your body handles toxins.

red grapes

Red Grapes
This isn’t an excuse to pop open a bottle of red and celebrate having a tipple. Red grapes are flush with antioxidants that relax the skin and help combat allergies. They’re especially helpful if you suffer from a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis. Don’t go buying a bunch every day and scoffing down in desperation though. A handful a day acts as a portion of fruit and a healthy snack.


The next time you’re getting a burrito and are told that the scoop of guacamole will cost extra, don’t be skimpish. Avocados are full of vitamin E, working to help keep your skin looking healthy. If you don’t like Mexican food, you can always grab some avocado oil from a beauty store and slap it right on your skin to give your natural collagen some much-needed love.


You would think that for all it does for your blood that vampires wouldn’t be so afraid of a little bit of garlic. Inside the tasty bulbs is a chemical called allicin. When it goes through your body it has a reaction with blood that boost red cells that can attack viruses, including ones that cause rashes and acne. Find a way to incorporate garlic in to your dinner and you’ll get more benefits than a tasty dish and gorgeous breath.

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