5 More Great Foods For Your Skin

You can apply moisturiser all day long and give your back and face a good scrub during a good shower, but having good skin is much more than simply making sure you don’t have a greasy face. There are foods out there that would love nothing more than to get in to your blood stream and give you great looking skin. We’ve talked previously about foods that are good for your skin here, but here are five more than can make a big difference when made a big part of your diet.


Don’t turn your nose up at the vegetable that looks like a tree and has a texture that most tongues can’t handle. Packed inside every bit of broccoli is a bunch of vitamins waiting to do damage. Some label it as a superfood because it’s been shown to keep tissue feeling incredible. Don’t make the mistake of boiling it though as most vitamins escape quite easily. A nice steam will do the job.


If you’re ever in an argument with someone who says that eggs are bad for you, you have permission to throw one at them and tell them it’s the only time an egg is bad for someone. They’re a rich source of protein (perfect for muscles) and zinc (great for clearing pores). An egg in the morning will do so much more good than a bowl of cereal with ‘added’ vitamins and minerals.

green tea

Green Tea
It will calm you down, help burn fat and is loaded with antioxidants. Head to any supermarket and you’ll realise that the green tea section is getting just as big as the normal brown stuff. People love the benefits green tea provides as its chock full of polyphenols that protect cells in the body and can help boost your metabolism.

sweet potato

Sweet Potato
Next time you’re planning on making anything with potato grab the sweeter, tastier orange cousin next to your Maris Piper and King Edward. Sweet potatoes are packed full of carbohydrates that can actually do your body good. They release energy a lot slower than your average potato or pasta do and help you feel fuller for longer. The vitamins inside help improve how well oxygen circulates in your blood stream, meaning that your skin will get more help to look good.

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seeds
Next time you’re walking by a health food store stop in and see if they have any pumpkin seeds on sale. Most stores will have seeds that are coated in yogurt or have been baked like honey-roasted nuts. The seeds are loaded with vitamin E and omega3, two very important nutrients in helping clear pores under the surface.


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