Keep Your Skin Fresh

lady with nice skin

Dry and tired skin is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Between UV exposure in the summer and dried up pores in the winter, looking after our skin is something that takes patience and a little bit of work. Getting blackheads or having acne isn’t just resigned to teenagers.

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UVA and UVB – What’s the Difference?

So summer is here once again meaning that us sun-starved Brits are flocking outside and abroad to enjoy some of those precious rays. If like me you have a tendency to burn, then it’s important to stay safe and protected from the sun to minimise your risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Experts say that it’s important to have protection from both UVA and UVB rays, but what exactly are they, and what’s the difference?

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The Best Overnight Masks, Creams & Lotions

There’s one time when we’re not obsessing over whether a certain spot under the surface is going to be making an ugly appearance or under the eyes are looking a bit worse for wear: when we’re sleeping. While we’re blissfully dreaming of flawless skin, our faces are still working away to get rid of all the bad stuff and make sure it’s doing the best it can.

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5 Foods Great For Skin

Diet plays a very important part in how your skin looks and feels. Having good skin takes a lot more work than simply skipping on greasy junk food every once in a while. There are hundreds of hidden treasures in your favourite foods

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More Winter Skin Tips

cold skin winter

Winter can do more harm to your skin then you’d think. The cold weather has your body working overtime to keep warm and will often sacrifice looking after vitamins and natural oils in favour of closing up pores and trapping air in.

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Skin Tips For Winter

It takes more just a new lip balm to take care of your face over the winter months. In the same way we lather our bits in cream for protection in the summer, it’s important to make sure that skin doesn’t dry out and split thanks to the cold air.

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