Dinner time doesn’t need to be a chore anymore

We all know that dieting is a struggle especially when you have a chaotic routine each week trying to go to the gym in between the commute to work and picking up the kids. The best way to achieve weight loss or to maintain your current weight is to adopt a balanced but healthy lifestyle – keeping active and eating well. But how can you fit all this into your life?

Eating needn’t be as challenging – Marks and Spencer’s Count on Us range has been especially developed to be low in fat – less than 3% – and calorie controlled by staying under 400 calories per meal. So, mealtimes don’t need to be like an episode of masterchef – just quick and tasty dishes that can be cooked in the oven or microwave. You might be put off at the thought of a meal consumption at 400 calories (it’s got to be bland and tasteless surely?) – not at all. Each dish is created using ingredients of the standard high M & S quality and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re still ravenous. Showcasing a selection of delicious prepared dishes the range covers a multitude of cuisines. Our favourites include:

Beef Ragu with Italian pasta, roasted garlic and rosemary mushrooms

Topped with mozzarella cheese this hearty food will fill you up on chilly winter days. Soft succulent beef oozes with flavour adding to the tangy tomato ragu and rosemary mushrooms. At only 378 calories it’s a strong choice for a quick after-work satisfying dinner.

Smoky cajun chicken jambalaya

With pieces of chargrilled cajun chicken, a spicy tomato sauce and rice with onions & peppers, this meal comes in just 360 calories for a filling and tasty meal that’s quite impressive. The creative cooks at M&S have pulled it off with this Spanish influenced dish by way of the streets of Louisiana. Marinated chicken is tossed with vegetables and rice with just a little bit of spice coming through. It’s also got the green light with healthy content of sugar and saturated fat.

Chicken and slow roasted mushrooms and baby onions in a rich red wine sauce with a side of vegetables –

A colourful and vibrant meal with good sized pieces of tender chicken. This dish is by far worthy of any a la carte restaurant, a rich red wine sauce encompasses perfectly cooked slices of cabbage, swede, parsnip and delicious carrots.

Track Your Weight Loss

To help keep tabs on how well you’re doing with your diet, M&S have a special Count On Us section on their site that has a tonne of useful information on how to lose weight.

And after reading about all that amazing food, if you fancy ordering some on the Marksie’s website, check out some of these Marks and Spencers discount codes first to get money off.