Famous Celebrity Skin Problems

Celebrities aren’t just born with flawless skin. They need the latest in cosmetic treatments, creams and lotions to seem like they get their look effortlessly. There is an ever-growing range of methods out there, both surgical and non-invasive that aims to get your skin looking youthful and feeling firm. Here are just some of the methods celebrities prefer to use.

Anna Friel

Fractora is a non-surgical treatment where a needled pad uses energy from a range of different radio frequencies to heat the lower layers of the skin. This causes the deep collagen under the skin to work again and improve the appearance of the skin. Actress Anna Friel was candidly open in saying that the treatment worked wonders for her. It’s most commonly used on the face to get rid of acne and deep wrinkles but more and more users are seeing it create quick acting improvements to knees and the upper thigh area.

ele mcpherson

Fine Lines
This is the cousin to wrinkles and a similar radio frequency treatment with Pelleve can encourage collagen growth to give firmer skin. Swelling or redness only lasts for a few hours after treatment (a quicker recovery time than with a peel) and is noted for how well it works with improving lines. It’s the preferred method for celebrities looking for shimmering skin the lead up to red carpet events.

Light Therapy
Most people know what psoriasis is to look at, but probably have a hard time describing how it happens. It’s when a person’s skin cells think that more need to be made when they don’t. What you get are thick and light looking patches that can be anywhere in the body. They’re most commonly seen on elbows and the scalp. There are many options to combat this ranging from taking steroids to taking grandiose amounts of vitamin D. Light therapy that targets individual areas helps provide longer lasting results.

kate middleton eczema

This is probably the most well known skin problem talked about in the media. Brad Pitt and Kate Middleton are two famous faces that have eczema and it’s on the increase in recent years. The easiest way to control it is with a high acting moisturiser. For those with more intense symptoms, cortisone cream can act fast on areas but can only be used in bursts in order to let skin recover.

megan fox

A problem that’s more common in men, ‘bacne’ can have an adverse affect on confidence, especially for any girl who can’t wear that certain dress on a night out.  Drugs like Isotretinoin help alleviate the problem when it’s severe, but many people seek laser treatment to completely get rid of the problem.

Cellulite & Stretch Marks

A problem for the rich and famous and not just us normal people, cellulite and stretch marks are extremely common (as even Kim K herself can attest to) on the back of the legs, the love handles and lower tummy.

The modern solution for many who don’t want to go under the knife is to get a laser lipo treatment that was work over the skin to melt away fat and tighten up skin. Celebs known to have used the treatment include Britney Spears & Jessic Alba, and it’s becoming a popular treatment for mums looking to regain firm looking skin again.

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