How To Treat Different Skin Problems

Where most skin treatments specialise on targeting one area only, there is a special treatment that was designed to be adaptable for all over the body. Wherever your problem areas lie, this revolutionary method can help eliminate those niggling parts of your skin and leave you with skin that feels smooth, rejuvenated and free of impurities without having to resort to surgery.

Fractora on the mouth

Fractora is most commonly used to eliminate imperfections from the face. If you’ve suffered from acne for years, having just one one-hour session will see those scars subside and leave you with a smoother complexion.  The skin around the upper-cheek & the ears are prone problem areas that can be treated easily to give instant results.

Don’t like having deep wrinkles around the eyes or forehead? Fractora can systematically pick out those specific wrinkles and boost collagen repair to areas that before felt tired and depleted.

nose colour

One problem the treatment works wonder with is discolouration. It could be that you have areas that are always red or have a brown tone that you find off putting. The pad can attack those problems areas and work to bring about a more even colour that will improve the appearance of the skin and restore vibrancy.

Regaining firmness around the upper leg is hard work. Fractora can drastically change the upper knee and thighs to give you firmer looking skin.  And because the skin in these areas is more susceptible to improvement, you can get weekly treatments (rather than monthly) for quicker results that last.

treatment on the cheek

Stomach reshaping is also an avenue that can be explored. The boost of collagen repair provided to skin around the tummy can help combat problems associated with contours and rolls.

Just realise that now matter where in the body you’re experiencing surface problems, it can be treated with the help of Fractora.

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