Keep Your Skin Fresh

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Dry and tired skin is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Between UV exposure in the summer and dried up pores in the winter, looking after our skin is something that takes patience and a little bit of work. Getting blackheads or having acne isn’t just resigned to teenagers. Adults too can experience problems battling acne.

People attribute spots and acne to eating foods too rich in oily fats or because they haven’t been washing properly. You might be surprised to learn that most skin problems in the face occur because of a lack of hydration. There’s a reason we’re always being told to drink more water and looking after your face is a better excuse than any. A hydrated body handles all those little impurities in your pores easily when there’s enough water to flush it away. It’s the reason why all those extreme detox diets involve drinking flavoured water instead of dairy supplements.

treatment difference

Those who’ve been suffering with acne for years often find it hard to get a solution that will cure the problem for good. This is where cosmetic treatments come in to play. In the past a person would have to worry about getting surgery that could do more harm than good. Now though alternatives are out there that can get rid of scars and create smooth looking skin.

Fractora is one such treatment that works wonders. It uses radio frequencies to stimulate the skin and get rid of problems. Below the surface layers of your skin is collagen. This is what stimulates the tissue and makes it smooth. Fractora uses pads with tiny pins to heat up and remodel the collagen. When the collagen repairs itself with surrounding areas of the skin, what you’re left is a level layer where imperfections can’t be found.

treatment on the chest
Fractora on the chest

This kind of treatment works best in dealing with pigment irregularities and discolouration in the skin too because the pins can work at different depths to get results from concentrated areas.

It’s good to know that the range of options for dealing with skin problems is vast. Whether it’s a few extras glasses of water every day in work or a permanent solution to problems that have plagued you for years, your skin doesn’t have to suffer.

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