More Winter Skin Tips

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Winter can do more harm to your skin then you’d think. The cold weather has your body working overtime to keep warm and will often sacrifice looking after vitamins and natural oils in favour of closing up pores and trapping air in. We previously blogged about simple ways to keep your skin in check during the cold months here. In order to keep your skin feeling healthy, here are some tips you can follow in everyday life to keep your skin in top condition over the winter months.


Having the heating on indoors might keep a home happy, but it can have an adverse effect on your skin. A warm home can easily get dried out. Many people don’t realise that your skin can be affected even when we’re lying asleep. Combat this by having a humidifier in the parts of the home where you spend most of your time. It will help regulate the right level of moisture present in the room and stop everyone from having drier skin.

cold car mirror

In the same vein as the heating being on at home, you probably don’t realise that leaning in to the car heater first thing in the morning can be drying out your hands and face more than you’d realise. Think of how much you rub your hands by the heater. It’s just the same as having them over a hand dryer. If you’re desperate to get warm quickly in your car, the real place to drag the heat in is through those blowers around your feet. Heat rises; don’t waste your time having it aimed at your face.  The quicker your feet heat up, the quicker your body will react.

winter vitamins

There’s nothing better than digging in to comfort food classics to warm up the soul this time of year. Digging in to more soups and stews might bring in more energy with a higher level of carbohydrates, but don’t forget that it’s still important to get vitamins in the body that will help look after your skin. Adding a few slices of fruit in your porridge in the morning can help, but supplements are also a quick way of getting those nutrients topped up. Vitamin A & D pills are really important in helping boost your skin’s health.  You can also get these from adding an extra carrot in to a stew or some more mushrooms in to a soup.

The best tip for skincare over winter is to simply pay attention to it. Check there aren’t any cracks or dried up spots frequently, moisturise a little bit more than usual and you’ll not have any problems.






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