Skin Tips For Winter

It takes more just a new lip balm to take care of your face over the winter months. In the same way we lather our bits in cream for protection in the summer, it’s important to make sure that skin doesn’t dry out and split thanks to the cold air. Here are some tips you should consider to prevent any skin problems over the cold months.

layering up

Clothes Investment
Think it’s a waste of money getting new gloves or a more expensive hat and scarf? Think again. Layering up for the daily commute and having a properly good pair of thermals will stop your skin from having to work overtime trying to keep heat in.

Moisturise Right
After you wash your hands and put them under a dryer they always feel a little bit tougher around the joints. This is due to the heater drying out everything in your hands. When you’re sitting by a heater all day the same thing is happening to your body. Combat this by buying a long lasting, thin moisturiser. It’s best to apply a thinner moisturiser when indoors, as thick ones will be attracted to your pores and cause more problems than you’re aiming to solve.

You won’t get windburn this bad.

You’d be surprised at how common windburn is, but how little people realise they get it. That blistering walk to work in the morning or an outdoor run in the evening can cause a level of friction on your face similar to dragging it along carpet. Many people who think they get a case of sunburn in their face from walking to work on late sunrises are actually victims of windburn. One cheat to help stop prone areas from being affected is by applying just a tiny amount of Vaseline. It will help protect your skin from strong exposure.


Shower Properly
The walk from the bedroom to the bathroom in the morning is the worst part of waking up in those colder months. Many people think that having a hot shower will help wake up your pores and get your skin ready for the day. Crank the dial up and you won’t get the desired effect you were hoping for. Heat makes your body want to get rid of excess moisture to control your internal temperature. A hot shower means your pores will open up and let out more than it’s taking in.

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